We are all stressed.

Life is like running on a treadmill that does not stop.

We have kids to take care of.

We have bills to pay.

We have a spouse to love and care for.

We have deadlines to meet at work.

We have friends to stay in relationship with.

We have goals to meet.

We have a future spouse to meet, fall in love with and get married.

We have high school or college or grad school to finish.

We have schedules,

to-do lists,

post-it notes,

grocery shopping,


and on it goes....every day.


There is a simple solution to all of these very real responsibilities that cause pressure.  At first glance, it will not seem like a real option, but when we meditate on it all becomes clear.

Read these verses first.

There is a new path ahead literally and figuratively.

This week our neighborhood got a face lift including the sidewalk in front of our house. After many years of ice attaching itself to the shadowed concrete on our corner causing many missing pieces of sidewalk and holes left behind from cold winters, it was time for a new path to be laid.  The crew showed up, pulled out the old and laid the new.

Here is a metaphor for life.

As I was watching the workers, waiting and praying, it hit me.

Life's Questions

What matters most in your life?

What should tug at your heart strings?

What should give you the greatest joy?

What is the sweet spot?

Where should your joy come from?

What should be your life purpose?

These are larger then life questions.  They are bigger then you, but they matter deeply.  They are the difference between wasting your life and investing your life.  They have eternal value.  We need to get these right.

The tomb is empty.  It is time to grow and go!  Millions of Christians around the world just celebrated Easter.  We believe Jesus is actually alive today.  He rose from the dead defeating sin and death.  This makes all the difference for us TODAY!  If we know Jesus, our sins are forgiven.  We are free!  With the same power that rose Jesus from the dead, we can grow closer to maturity in Jesus and to share this good news with the world.

Easter is coming.  Here is an outline and devotional to get us thinking about the coming Passion Week and the words and actions of Jesus.  There is too much here to digest in one week, so take some time in the next couple weeks to reflect, meditate, pray on the events of Jesus' passion week from Matthew 21-28.  

Enjoy reflecting on the greatest event in history!  Jesus' death on a cross for the sins of the world and resurrection conquering sin and death for you and me.

There are a host of things that jockey for our attention today.

Have you ever read the Bible's plot in one sitting?  Here is the whole storyline of the whole Bible.  Take some time to become acquainted with God's heart.  It's the Grand-Narrative of God's Glory!  Enjoy!

Big Picture

God is in control.  Have you heard that phrase before?  Maybe you have thought it or said it from time to time as a reassurance that he is indeed sovereign.  I have.  I have needed to.

Rick Warren has said, "All good leaders are good learners, and the moment you stop learning you stop leading."  I could not agree more.  I long to be a lifelong learner in a variety of areas.  Whether you are in an organization, business or church, leadership can be tricky.  Here are a few tips to grasp.

1. Begin at the Bottom.  Most leaders are in it because there is a personal passion.  The foundation of any leadership is servanthood.

Who leads the church?  Think about it.  Who?

This seems like an obvious answer for those who have been Christians for a time, but it is not just a cool bumper sticker for the back of our cars.  It is a profound reality.