Left Behind has produced millions of books, some movies and now a movie with even bigger stars coming this October. When you read reports on social media there is a large dividing line right down the middle.  Some have very strong opinions about this coming movie and it's underlined message.  Yes, it is a movie with big special effects and character development, but is the theology behind Left Behind True?  Let's take a "Cliff Note" version look.

Here is a Trailer for the Left Behind movie to spruce up this blog:

Basic Bible Understanding

First, before we dive deep into End Time Theology which is where Left Behind is pointing the audience, we must be clear.

Have you noticed that life is full of waiting.  It is a waiting game.  "Hurry up and wait," as the saying goes.  Or you have heard people pray, "Lord give me patience, but hurry."

We wait for everything and many times the waiting is out of our control.

The answer to this question is critical and it has eternal consequences.

How do you view, approach, read, study 

and apply the Bible to your life?

You can discover a personal God who is full of mercy and grace forgiving sins and longing for us to have a relationship with him while we live a godly life in Christ Jesus.

This is freedom.

I am seeing and hearing a particular phrase show up more.  In recent conversations and articles I have read, the phrase, "children of God" is said and written.  Some are saying that all humans are "children of God".  This is regardless of whether you are a Christian or not.  This means, for these folks, that everyone is part of the family of God and are loved by God.  They are children of God, after all.

Most of us are busy.  Are you busy?  I'll bet you are.

We are very busy.  We have stuff going on.  I feel it even today.  If you are married, have smaller children, have friends, live near people or are involved in a club, you are very busy.  Your children grow and the car-pooling taxi service becomes the norm...every day.  Your breaks come at 10pm at night.  Even when we grow older, it seems that we still fill our days with lots of things to do.

Many of us have collections.  We collected rocks, stamps, baseball cards, hats, outfits or something along the way to remind us of where we have been.  I have collected shark's teeth from Florida and still have a good collection of very old and large teeth in my office.  I collected all different professional athletic cards growing up and traded them with my friends.  

A while back, I fell into collecting soccer jerseys and it stuck.

I am surprised that this post on the Emergent Church continues to be the most looked up and read blog post I have ever written.  From the surface it looks like the Emergent Church is hibernating, but from the thousands who have read this post, that is not the case.  The Emergent Church and it's principles are alive and well within local churches.

Our culture is counterfeiting Jesus.

He is not like the way all other world-views and religious systems describe him.  Buddhism, Islam, Christian Science,  Mormonism, and Unitarian Universalists say he was just a man, not the second person of the Trinity (one God, three persons).  Some think he was just a good teacher, moral guy, prophet from the past, created divine being, an angel, and something else.

I love Muslims.  I really do.

I have met many Muslims around the world and have had meaningful conversations with them.  Because of love, I long for all Muslims to open their eyes to Jesus Christ.  I want them to see the Son of God as the Savior of the World.  He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I hope and pray for their sins against the wrath of God to be forgiven.  I pray for their eyes to be opened to the cross and resurrection of Jesus.

With the distant passing of celebrities in the news to close loved ones dying, eternity and mortality are being discussed everyday.

I want to shoot you straight.  I have a growing concern that more people inside and outside the church believe that everyone will be saved when it is all said and done.