I have been in the Book of James for quite sometime now doing my best to get my life around it.   This book of the Bible is all about putting into practice what the follower of Jesus already believes.  James is making the point to believers in Jesus, that faith without action is no faith at all (take time to read the whole book in one sitting).  In fact, he says it is dead.  That would be without life and without use.  If James owned Nike today, he would change the slogan to "Just Live It."

I have noticed something in my life, as well as the lives of countless Christians who believe in Jesus as their savior, but when you watch their lives, they are not doing much connected with serving and glorifying God.  There is a disconnect between Knowing and Doing, between Believing and Actions.

Sometimes there is a huge disconnect between hearing sermons on it, reading it, studying it with living it.  What difference does the Bible really make?  Isn't it just an old book that is outdated? We listen to great preaching or attend a good Bible study, but sometimes there does not seem to be consistent and lasting change in the life of a believer.

Why is that?

The sufficiency of the Bible makes all the difference in your life.

The Bible is all you need.  Read that again.  Is that True?  Do you believe it?  What difference does it make in your life if you believe the Bible is all you need?

Throughout the history of Protestant Christianity, theologians and scholars have held to four characteristics of the Biblical Scriptures.  They are...

Authority - When it is all said and done, the Word of God gets the final word.

What's that I see. 

A man hanging on a tree.

Why would that be?

What's in it for me?

Let's see.

As a devotional to get us thinking about the Passion Week and the words and actions of Jesus, here is my daily outline of the week taken from Matthew 21-28.  Take each day to read, reflect, pray and think on the last week before Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead. 

Enjoy reflecting on the greatest event in history!


Triumphal Entry (21:1-11)

In line with OT prophecy (21:4-5), Isa 62:11; Zech 9:9) Two Responses:           Crowd of Galilean Pilgrims (Ps.

When did Jesus show up on the scene of human history?  Was it in the four Gospels?  Was it just in the New Testament?  Did you know that Jesus was present from the beginning?  As part of the Trinity Jesus is explained in Colossians 1.  These verses are the ultimate summary of Jesus activity. 

Read these verses about Jesus.

"The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.

I have watched on television street magicians perform some amazing magic card tricks that leave you dumbfounded and amazed.  You wonder how they did it.  Was it slight of hand, quicker than the eye, mirrors, video camera tricks or something else?  You know it is a trick, so there has to be an explanation.

By now, you might have noticed quite a variety of responses to all of the movies with Biblical themes.  Many have asked my opinion.  In just the last year movies like the Alone Yet Not Alone, Son of God, Noah, and God's Not Dead have caused believers and unbelievers alike to spend their money to see what they are all about.  The forthcoming Moses film called Exodus: Gods and Kings is due to hit theaters December 14 of this year and will probably cause all of these reactions again.

Some wrestle with whether God is good. Negative circumstances, empty prayers, God seeming to be distant or broken relationships have left many wondering about God. 

Is God good?

Can I trust him? 

What kind of God is the God of the Bible? 

Some have caused their present circumstances to determine the definition of God.  This will never work. Some days seem to go well, while others are difficult.  We need an outside source, the Bible, to determine God's definition for us.

Rick Warren has said, "All good leaders are good learners, and the moment you stop learning you stop leading."  I could not agree more.  I long to be a lifelong learner in a variety of areas.  Whether you are in an organization, business or church, leadership can be tricky.  Here are a few tips to grasp.

1. Begin at the Bottom.  Most leaders are in it because there is a personal passion.  The foundation of any leadership is servanthood.