I like Isaiah.  He was a very public figure influencing Nobility and all others, but private in his time with the Lord.  Isaiah was a prophet of Judah who ministered to the people of the Southern Kingdom.  Because of Isaiah, Micah and the godly leadership of King Hezekiah (and Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz), there was a revival in Judah.  God intervened to turn back the Assyrian forces that threatened Judah.  Much of Isaiah's message focused on Judah's sin.  But, Isaiah looked past the present situation to a future time also.

Isaiah prophesied about a coming Messiah to rescue the people from their sins and set up a Kingdom.  Isaiah is called the evangelist of the Old Testament.  His words are quoted or referenced over 13 times in the Gospels, 3 times in Acts, and 5 times by Paul in Romans.

The Apostle Paul had quite the prayer life.  When you read his prayers for the churches (groups of organized believers), we discover they are specific and bold.  God has given us the gift of reading Paul's prayers.

Why not enter the New Year praying like Paul?

Think of people you would like to see come to faith in Jesus.

Think of others you wouldl like to see grow in Jesus.

Think of churches that you would love to see follow Jesus with faithfulness.

Pray back the prayers of Paul.

It is the last day of 2014.  As the question goes, "where has the time gone?"  As you look forward to tomorrow which launches 2015, have you made your New Year's Resolutions yet?  Will they involved diet, exercise, time, service, money and more?  All of these areas are important, but stop and think about it.

Are you a Follower of Jesus?

Do you believe in Jesus and have you received him as your Savior for your sins?

If so, there is nothing new coming in 2015.

Why the battle over Christmas?

It is because of Christ.

Emmanuel, God with us.

Messiah of the world.

Jesus was born crucified.

He came to earth to die and live again.

God moved from cradle to cross.

It was His mission to save sinnersl...like you and me.

As you celebrate Christmas trees, do not miss the tree He would hang on.

This cute scene in a manger would lead to cutting on a cross.

Don't miss it.

Don't leave it behind.

As we approach Christmas, the supernatural conception of Mary is back up for grabs.  Many do not believe the Christian Faith needs to hold onto the "Virgin Birth" as an essential doctrine of the faith.  So, do we?  Is it that important?  I believe it absolutely essential and if we take the virginity of Mary away in the conception of Jesus, we have lost the whole Christian faith.

I love Christmas lights! 

They are one of my favorites around Christmas. 

It is about time my family heads out to see the nieghborhood light show.


Ten minute highlight with various songs.  Fun overview.

Fun in the field to Music Box Dancer.

My favorite below...It is by Grace we are Saved in Christ Jesus. 

Just believe and Receive Jesus as Savior.

Here is a news story on the Holdman Christmas Light story from Utah.

Christmas is coming and many of us are busy.  We are busy shopping.  Busy decorating.  Busy planning.  Busy baking.  Busy being busy.  Before you are too overwhelmed (too late!), watch this older, but beautiful video from a church in New Zealand!  I think it will put a smile on your face heading into the Christmas season.

What do you know about Jonah?  Maybe you remember that he ran (or really swam) from God?  Do you remember he was literally swallowed by a large fish and stayed in there for 3 days and nights?  Jonah is an unusual character and we can learn many things from his life.

Jonah lived in Israel and predicted the victories of King Jeroboam II that lead to Israel's northern Kingdom to gain a comeback.   It took place in 8th century BC.

Elijah lived in a strategic time in Israel's history.  He is part of the Northern Kingdom during a time when Kings refused to obey God.  In the 850's BC, King Ahab along with his wonderful wife Jezebel (insert sarcastic look) initiated a campaign to wipe out the Worship of Yahweh and replace Him with Baal worship.  Jezebel brought in 850 pagan prophets from her homeland and set out to systematically exterminate all the Prophets of God.  This is the backdrop of Elijah coming on the scene.

As the Christmas countdown is on, let's think about Evangelicals.

Who were the first Evangelicals?

How far back in history should we go?

What does Christmas have to do with Evangelicals?

Evangelical has had a hot history.  The word "Evangelical" seems to cause a reaction for some, even among some Christians.  When we say "Evangelical", some are thinking radical, fundamental, ridged, harsh, shallow-thinking, conservative, aggressive, judgemental and even politics.