President Obama visited and spoke at a Mosque this week (source).  This is not unusual, as other President's have visited and spoken at Muslim Mosques in history, but for some reason this got me thinking, praying and studying.

What would it look like and feel like if Jesus went to a Mosque?  

What would he do?  

What would he say? 

Why would he go? 

I know I am speculating, but based on Jesus' words, actions and characteristics throughout the Gospels (and the whole Bible), what would it look like for Jesus to go to a Muslim Mosque.

If Jesus went to a Mosque today, I think he would show up early.  He would enter graciously and humbly, introduce himself and hug those at the door.

In general, there are two streams of thought in theology that work their way out into the church.  There are Calvinists and Arminians.  These are named after two men who interpreted and see God and Salvation differently.

Calvin (French Theologian from 1509-1564) influenced Reformed Theology and Arminius (a Dutch Theologian living from 1560-1609) influenced Wesleyan Theology (named after John Wesley, English 1703-1791).

There are a handful of topics in the Christian church that can be contentious, but should not be.  This is not something to "break fellowship" over, but it is still a very important topic to understand from God's perspective.  The roles of men and women in ministry is one of these topics that requires the hard work of Biblical digging.  Some passages in the Bible are clear on the surface, but others need work to understand and apply.

As I have transitioned from Associate Pastor of over 15 years to Lead Pastor in a small/medium sized church I am still a rookie learning lessons along the way.  I love to read, study, research whether to get ready for a sermon or seminar.  In addition, I am a life-long learner of leadership, ministry, the local church (and soccer). :-)  I want to give God my best, so I have been reading about local church replanting, revitalization and general church planting.

There is a big difference between rivers and floods.  

Rivers can be deep are life-giving, useful, bring electricity to places, provide energy and more.

Floods on the other hand cause damage, tend to be shallow, push mud around, ruin things and are just no fun to clean up.

The other word that defines the difference between rivers and floods is FOCUS.

Rivers are focused.  Floods are not focused.

This principle applies to our lives, families, ministries, churches and businesses.

It is time to celebrate another birthday. I spent some time praying and thinking about my life and lessons I am still learning along the journey. Being 44 allows me to see life from a backward and forward vantage point.  It feels like the middle.  I want to learn from the past and run fast into the future with God.  I wrote 44 lessons below I am still learning.  I encourage you to do the same. Write down the lessons you are learning and keep growing in Jesus.

The 2016 Presidential Election is coming fast.  The debates have begun for all the candidates, articles are being written and opinions are flying.  The only thing potentially more contentious then talking about politics is talking about religion and specifically Jesus.  So in this blog, I will combine both with the hopes of sharing how I will vote for a Presidential candidate.

First, I care about the Worldview of the canidate.

In 1993, I was part of a ministry (Forge) for discipleship training, a short-term mission experience and life planning.  As part of the life planning, we crafted a "Life Arrow" where we put our hopes, dreams, gifts and abilities along with vision for the future as we spend time alone with God and with others in community.  One of the items I put on my dream list was to be a Lead Pastor one day (and even be part of a church plant).

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” - ‭Ephesians‬ ‭2:8-10‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the needs in the world.  Worldwide poverty is higher then imaginable.  Human Trafficking of women and children is horrific.  Abortions are hard to comprehend.

Here is a quick update on our journey of faith:

2015 has been a roller coaster year for our family.  There have been unexpected twists and turns in the road of faith, high climbs and steep drop offs. I unexpectedly left my position at my last church in Colorado to pursue God's next ministry move.  Our family began to pray and seek the Lord longing for our lives to count for the King and the Kingdom.